Tythegston Nursery

Bright Beginnings Nursery aims to provide quality childcare and nursery education by creating a happy, fun, stimulating, caring and safe environment.

Our aims

  • To recognise that the children’s needs and safety are paramount
  • To support and work in partnership with parents
  • To develop and maintain strong links with Agencies and professionals
  • To consider the children’s needs arising from race, culture, language and religion
  • To provide quality care to all children
  • To provide quality education to preschool children by mirroring the current educational framework in Wales for children aged three
  • To develop an appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of each child, ensuring they receive as many different experiences as possible
  • To formulate and encourage equal opportunities for children and adults
  • To provide places for special needs children
  • To encourage parents/carers to visit the Nursery at any time
  • To actively promote the development of positive self-image within the children
  • To develop each child to their full potential, physically, socially, emotionally, morally and intellectually
  • To promote good health and diet

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General information


Each child’s individual care routine is met by our staff. Each room has a daily routine which gives them an outline of day to day activities and routines for the children.

Each room has a coordinator role, their job is to ensure the smooth efficient running of the room. Our qualified staff are Nursery Nurses, who not only look after the children’s care routine’ they also plan themes and activities. They are responsible for one month’s planning, and produce a portfolio of the activities and extracurricular activities. They also show evidence of where they have conducted their research.

Tythegston is registered for 33 children per session and the setting operates Monday – Friday between the hours of 7.30 a.m and 6.00p.m.

Babies – First Steps/Early Learners

On the ground floor of our Nursery, there are two rooms for our baby children (6 weeks – 2 years of age – First Steps & Early Learners), which are split into two different areas for the babies.  The smaller room we usually use for the younger babies, and the larger room for the older babies.  However, depending on what activities and care routines are being carried out on certain days, and how many children are attending, we will mix the children accordingly.  Both the First Steps and Early Learners room have direct access out to our garden areas, with a small garden directly outside our Early Learners Room patio doors. Activities and play equipment promote creativity, coordination, manipulation, language development and sensory stimulus.

Babies are encouraged to participate in arts and crafts and messy play activities. These are an important factor in the children’s weekly activity programme.

Staff plan a range of activities based around a theme in the six areas of learning. We do the seventh area of learning which is Welsh, and we incorporate this in our day to day routines. Planning is sent home each month via email for parents to observe.

A focus task is conducted each day which is adult led. This gives staff the opportunity to monitor children’s progress, and produce a report for parents at the end of each annual year.

Staff continually monitor the children’s progress by means of a “skills ring”. This is broken down into key areas of development and learning. Staff map when individual children have achieved each milestone. “Skills rings” are given to parents when their child leaves to go to school. Schools are able to use the information as a baseline. Staff and parents are then able to see at what stage a child’s development is at a glance.

We have a target tree in the baby room. Each child is given a target and they practice these each day. These are mapped on to a target chart. Once a child successfully achieves that target five times, we celebrate that achievement by a special song and a certificate that goes home to parents.

At sleep time, children under one years of age or on request sleep in travel cots. They have their own labelled sheets that are laundered after each use. For children over one year of age or on request, we have roll out mattresses for each child that are placed on the floor in the designated sleep area. Children have individual labelled sheets that are laundered after each use.

Toddler’s –  Little Explorers

The upper floor of our Nursery is used by our Little Explorers (2-3 years of age). It is split into two rooms and these children use both rooms for various activities throughout the morning. We also have an art room where our children can get creative during arts and craft activities and messy play.

Our sessions are designed specifically to meet the individual development needs of your child, allowing them to learn at their own pace. These busy, chatty toddlers look around with excited eyes and see a world waiting to be explored and conquered. Our activities are planned and structured to meet their needs through play, focus tasks and observations.

Your child will grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. Intellectual development will be encouraged by our emphasis on early literacy and numeracy. Social skills will be learned through observing, listening, playing and interacting with staff and other children. Emotional experience includes sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of others. Physical development covers everything from play and dressing to toileting.

Staff plan a range of activities based around a theme in the six areas of learning. We do the seventh area of learning which is Welsh, and we incorporate this in our day to day routines. Planning is sent home each month via email for parents to observe.

As with the baby room, a  focus task is conducted each day which is adult led and a termly report of achievements is produced for parents.

Skills rings and target time, as explained above in our baby room section are carried out in all rooms in the nursery, following the same routine and structure for the children’s development.

At sleep time, we have roll out mattresses for each child that are placed on the floor in the designated sleep area. Children have individual labelled sheets that are laundered after each use.


Preschool –  Big Ambitions

Our preschool children (3 – 5 years of age) are housed in the annex, which is a separate building to the main Nursery.  They have direct access to the outside area. Within our preschool room we mirror the educational framework ‘New Curriculum for Wales’.

The New Curriculum for Wales is about enhancing the learning experiences, which enable children to be creative, imaginative and to have fun whilst learning.

Children will be given the opportunities to explore the world around them, and to understand how things work through engaging in relevant practical activities which are fun, enjoyable and relevant to their development stages.

We at Bright Beginnings pride ourselves on mirroring this curriculum to the maximum, and use every opportunity as a learning opportunity.

Our parents are impressed by our planning, and the activities and experiences that we offer the children in promoting this educational framework.

Parents receive a annual report on their child’s progress within the New Curriculum for Wales.

A adult led task is conducted each day, and this gives staff the opportunity to monitor children’s progress.

Skills rings and target time, as explained above in our baby room section are carried out in all rooms in the nursery, following the same routine and structure for the children’s development.

As described above in our baby and toddler room section, we have the facilities to cater for children’s sleep time. However,  we do work towards discouraging sleep once children are three years of age, and have this chat with parents to prepare their children for school.

Meals and refreshments

Meals and refreshments are served at various times throughout the day.  Bright Beginnings acknowledges that a healthy, balanced diet is essential for children’s growth and happiness. The snacks and meals that we provide have been planned, and we were the first nursery in Bridgend to achieve the Healthy Preschool and Sustainability Award. We have a robust system to manage special dietary requirements.

Please be advised that breakfast is served up until 8.30a.m. Please note that the following is offered for breakfast: Weetabix, Porridge, or Toast.

Lunch and Dessert is served at 12.00 p.m each day. A Qualified cook freshly prepares these meals for the children using our industrial Kitchen in our Nottage Nursery. Parents can view any of our menus on request. All Menus work on a four week rolling system for each term (four months), changing each term.

Tea is served at 4.00 p.m for children attending a full day session. This consists of a hot light tea for children aged 6 weeks-2 years and a hot or cold light tea for children two and above.

Snacks are served during our morning and afternoon periods according to the individual room’s routine. This is a small, light snack designed to give children access to a variety of fruit and vegetables. Water or milk only is offered at meal times, children have continual access to water in their rooms with labelled water bottles throughout the day. We do not serve juices, squashes or fizzy drinks in line with our food and diet policy.

Bright Beginnings Conditions of Registration

  • The setting is registered to provide care in compliance with the National Minimum Standards for Full Day Care and the Childminding and Day Care (Wales) Regulations 2002.
  • The setting is registered to care for 33 children aged 6 weeks -8 years
  • Days and hours of operation: 7.30 a.m – 6.00p.m Monday to Friday

Nursery places are available to both boys and girls between the ages of 6 weeks – 5 years. The setting is a predominately English medium setting with some use of Welsh.


We have fourteen members of staff, including holiday cover, of which eight are qualified to level three, this includes a housekeeper who ensure the premises are maintained to a high standard. All of our staff are subject to an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service. At Bright Beginnings we are a huge advocate of training. All staff have the opportunity to attend core training, e.g. First Aid, Child Protection, Food Hygiene, Health & Safety Training, however we strive to give our staff the opportunity to attend further training e.g. Challenging Behaviour In the Early Years, Leadership & Management, Forest School, Foundation Phase, Speech & Language etc.


We are situated in the picturesque village of Tythegston, surrounded by cottages and farms with a luscious outdoor space for the children to enjoy. We have a large concreted area for the children to take part in physical activities, and play on large outdoor toys such as bikes, trikes and scooters. We have a unique Forest School and Mud Kitchen area which promotes a love of the outdoors, and is an outdoor classroom that the children can refine and hone their thinking and experimenting skills. We have a range of small and large outdoor equipment for the children to enjoy such as slides, swings, see saws, a Wendy house complete with kitchen role play area, chalk boards and a large construction area complete with chippings and diggers. The children also regularly enjoy short walks to the surrounding farms and village.

Taster sessions

Each child receives a two hour taster session which is usually 9.30 a.m – 11.30 a.m. During the first twenty minutes or so parents will speak to staff about current routines and any dietary requirements. After this time, children will brave it on their own to get themselves familiar with the surroundings and staff. Any additional sessions will be discussed with the Manager.



Development plan

We produce a development plan each year on how to improve our services.  We look at four key actions and look at different areas:

  • Where we are currently and how we can improve
  • What resources and funding we will need
  • Who will be involved in each key action
  • What our timescales will be
  • What our success criteria will be
  • Our development plan is reviewed every three months.

Nursery policies

The Nursery has a range of policies including policies on Behaviour Management, Equal Opportunities, Child Protection, Health and Safety, Parents as Partners and Special Needs etc. Full details of the Company’s policies and procedures are on display in the foyer for your perusal at any time.


We have provisions for dealing with children becoming unwell, e.g. high temperature or children requiring emergency medical attention details of which are contained within our contract.

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Nursery Opening Times – Admission and Collection

The Nursery opens promptly at 7.30 a.m. Monday to Friday and closes at 6.00 p.m. Children will not be admitted before opening hours. If your child will be absent or late for any reason, please notify the Nursery Manager via telephone or email. This is essential to prevent disruption to staff to children ratios within the Nursery, and to ensure the welfare, health and safety of the children at all times.

Children attending sessions, should be collected just before their finish time, allowing enough time for a member of staff to feedback their daily information e.g. if you child is finishing at 1.00 p.m, 12.50 p.m would be the ideal collection time.

Children must be signed in and out of building by staff using our daily signature sheets in the foyer by Parents/Guardians for security, fire and health and safety reasons.

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Virtual tour

Click on any image to enlarge and view as a slideshow.

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Fees must be paid a month in advance by the 1st of each calendar month. This is in order to secure your child’s place at Nursery, which includes any periods of absence e.g. (holidays, sickness). As per our payment policy, in the event of late or non-payments, we reserve the right to refuse admission until Nursery fees are paid in full . We accept cash, childcare vouchers, Tax Free Childcare payments and can arrange standing order/direct debit payments. We are also part of the Child Care Offer in Bridgend,  The Vale of Glamorgan and Rhondda Cynon Taff at present.

We offer full time and term time only places at the nursery. Full time places are based on 51 weeks of the year, as we close annually for the Christmas period. Term time only contracts are worked out over 39 weeks, and payments are spread over the 12 months of the year including August; thus applying 13 weeks discount to term time fees. If you require a term time only place and start after the academic year, the discount for school holidays left to take will be applied to your fees. If you are a term time only parent who has received 13 weeks discount on fees, and choose to leave the nursery before the academic year has finished (July), any excess discount you have received will be payable to the nursery.

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Parents information

All parents are welcome to attend the Nursery to view our excellent facilities, meet all our fantastic staff, and to read our policies, which are always available.

You can make an appointment, or we do have an open door policy and welcome drop in visits. Parking or dropping off is permitted in the layby at the front of the nursery, and we also have access to a larger car park just past the nursery on the right hand side. If parking in the layby, we ask parents to ensure their vehicle is not obstructing larger vehicles such as tractors from passing, therefore, please be considerate when parking.  If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate in contacting us anytime.

Should you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Ward, Manager on 01656 788099.

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